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About Lenny
This was written by Lenny for a school assignment on November 29, 2009; 2 weeks before he became “Our Angel”.

All About Me

My name is Leonard Frederick Valente and I was born on February 20th, 1996. I was named after my Dad, two grandfathers and uncle. My Dad’s father and brother both died before I was born. I was born at Methodist Hospital and weighed in at eight pounds, four ounces.  My parents are Leonard and Lucrezia Valente. I have one sister, Christina, who is almost five years older than me. Buddy is my dog; he’s almost two years old.

I live in Deptford, New Jersey; but I go to Stella Maris School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My parents wanted me to go to Catholic School. My grandparents live near school and are able to take care of me while my parents work. I have been going to Stella Maris School since pre-K and really enjoy school.  My teachers and classmates are great!

My favorite hobbies are playing my video games and using my laptop.   XBOX is the game system I use most of the time.  I can connect to the internet and play with my friends.  I had a headset that lets me talk to them while we are playing.  I usually use my laptop to play “World of Warcraft”, watch YouTube and surf the internet.

In the summer, I like to swim in my in-ground pool.  My dad taught me to swim on Father’s Day when I was seven.   The pool is usually opened in the middle of May and closed the end of September. The pool is heated so even if it’s not hot enough, we can still enjoy it.  We always have lots of people over in the summer.

The other thing that I like to do in the summer is going to North Wildwood. We usually rent a condo for a week in July or August.  But since it’s not too far, sometimes we go in the afternoon and come back at night.  I like going on the boardwalk and playing in the arcades.  I like skee ball, fascination and slot machines.  I also like going to the beach and riding the waves using the boogie board.  

I also like to go to the Pocono’s with my family in the winter.  We usually go for a weekend and rent a big house that has a game room and hot tub. It’s a great time because we have about 15 to 20 people get together.  We usually go snow tubing at Jack Frost or Big Boulder mountains. At night, we get into teams and play games like “Shout It Music”, “Singing Bee” and “Family Feud”. We also play Poker. My mom and aunt usually do most of the cooking.

I’m not a typical thirteen year-old because I have brain cancer. I found out when I was eleven and have been in and out of the hospital since then. I was in remission, but the cancer returned and I’m currently taking some chemotherapy pills. I’m hoping that I go back in remission and can start living a normal teenage life. I’m looking forward to graduation and starting high school next year.