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Lennyís Friends with Wings Foundation is asking you to become a friend and join us to make a difference in someoneís life. 100% of all donations will be used to help others. Any operational costs for the foundation will be funded by the officers.

Itís hard to imagine hearing the news that you have cancer and itís even harder to hear that your child has cancer. Your family life changes in an instant. You donít have time to prepare or plan. Itís an immediate need to be addressed. You canít help but wonder ďwhyĒ. As a parent, you want to make it better, but itís out of your control. You watch your childís youth disappear before your eyes. The new normal becomes inpatient hospital stays, surgeries, weekly hospital visits, ivís, blood draws, radiation, chemotherapy, MRIís, etc. Your childís vocabulary starts including various medical terms and lingo, such as ďitís time for my medsĒ. You try to stay positive and maintain any sense of normalcy. Your daily routine is changed and youíre trying to keep your child current with school work because you donít want him to repeat a grade. During all this, you just want your child to get better so they can ďbe a kid againĒ.

Lenny was fortunate because we were able to provide him with everything he needed to escape from this new normal. He had various game systems, hand held games, flip video and a laptop. He always had something with him to occupy his time while he waited at the hospital for his turn to access his port, get the blood draws, wait for the blood count results and get his chemotherapy. One of his favorite things was being with his sister and making distorted face pictures on the MAC laptop.

The hospital does have things to keep the children busy, but do these children have these things at home? If not, they should! Lennyís Friends with Wings Foundation wants to provide this outlet to the children. Hospital rooms have computers, but most children are too weak or uncomfortable sitting at the desk to use the computer. A laptop would be better for them.

Also, families of these children often face financial hardship. Some need to travel long distances to get their child the best care. Some will lose their jobs because they need to care for their children, while others may need to take a lengthy leave of absence without pay. Families can suffer financial strain due to increased medical expenses. Lennyís Friends with Wings Foundation wants to offer financial support for these families.

We canít do it alone and are asking you to join Lennyís Friends with Wings to provide the children and their families with some comfort. No donation is too small. You can even use your credit card points or hotel rewards to donate by redeeming the points for: gift cards, toys, cameras and game systems.

Become a friend and make a difference!